How You Are Missing Out on the TRUE Potential of Artificial Intelligence for Simulation

October 10th, 2014 : By Colin Puskaritz :

From Watson winning Jeopardy; to Siri, Cortana, and Google Now directing our lives, artificial intelligence (AI) is embedded in almost everything we do. It is inspiring technological changes at unprecedented rates and altering our perceptions of what is possible. It is no different in the simulated training community. Serious games to train soldiers and virtual assistants to educate and guide students are on the rise. The latest advances in the consumer sector inspire demand in the government and commercial training sectors.

21st century culture equates a sense of speed with each new advance in technology. This rush to create the next great thing spurs people to push for information in seconds instead of hours and demand results in days instead of months. Society is speeding up and if training does not keep pace, it will fall behind. The reality is that by today’s standards, most simulated training efforts require substantial development cycles. But why should serious gaming suffer from this stagnation, while the world accelerates advancement every day? It should not and it does not have to!

A typical problem faced with simulation development is time. It takes time to integrate with a simulation, it takes time to develop effective artificial intelligence features, and it takes time to write complex scripted scenarios. These are three very real concerns, but what if that timeline could be reduced? The Discovery Machine Behavior Creation Toolkit (BCT) enables rapid AI creation for your chosen simulation. This system grew from the need to integrate with ANY simulation a customer wanted to use quickly and effortlessly. Reducing development time is one of Discovery Machine’s strengths. Integration, creation of new behaviors, and authoring of brand new training scenarios is accomplished at a fraction of the time to traditional programming approaches.

A future series of blog posts will highlight specific applications of Discovery Machine technology and will emphasize successes using our innovative AI approaches. Why settle for slowness when speed is the demand of this decade? Be sure to check back to see how AI can be applied to diverse simulations and domains in minutes instead of months.

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