Who says video games are just for kids?

November 18th, 2011 : By Colin Puskaritz :

Video games are cool!  Or so I always thought as a child and it was normal for me and my friends to seek out the latest and greatest video game system we could get our hands on.  I remember how others responded to this eager desire to acquire new games.  There was the hesitant acceptance of my parents who would struggle with equipping their child with something that; could rot his brain, make him lazy, and cause all the other negative effects that the supposed “experts” would have them believe; and having to be the ones that deprived their child of something he wanted.  There were also the grandparents who ascribed to the “he’s just a kid and will grow out of it” mental paradigm.

Although I’m sure their intentions were genuine my parent’s fears were unwarranted as video games did not reduce my intellect or eliminate playing with friends in the great outdoors.   Similarly, my grandparent’s assumption that I would simply “grow out of it” did not come to fruition.  I got older, I got more serious perhaps, but videogames remained at the forefront of my mind.  As I evolved as a person, so did video games.  They grew to the point of realism that they now encompass both the entertainment and training sectors.  They have been described as serious games, virtual worlds, immersive training environments, simulations, and countless other monikers.

Video games have become not only a passing fancy for children but a necessity for corporate and military training worldwide.  The world has finally accepted that intelligence can be injected into a “game” to make it serious and give it practical value.  Resulting training simulations reinforce concepts in students at a fraction of the cost as live training.  If you are interested in seeing some of the real-world applications of simulation technology, check out the fast approaching I/ITSEC, a showcase for the latest and greatest commercial simulation advancements.  I/ITSEC is the largest modeling, simulation, and training conference in the world and draws thousands of people each year.

Discovery Machine, has the privilege of being a part of this year’s I/ITSEC and will showcase our newest artificial intelligence applications.  Discovery Machine is enables our customers to capture the experiences of the world’s top experts and deploy it as training aids and devices.  We have simulated entities to perform complex military operations, interact intelligently with human operators via voice communication, operate as part of a complex social network, and more.

Discovery Machine has a number of partners and as a result is available in multiple simulated training platforms.  To see the latest that Discovery Machine has to offer visit us at I/ITSEC which is open from Monday November 28th to Thursday December 1st.  We are in booth #2880 and will have live demonstrations of our latest applications of serious games for training. For more information on I/ITSEC visit their website.

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