A Powerful Way to Make Your Knowledge Flow

January 31st, 2013 : By Anna Griffith :

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Knowledge transfer does not equate to knowledge flow.

In my previous blog, Is a Designed Framework Required for Knowledge Flow, I discussed  how to create a framework for knowledge assets based on a story. In this blog, I will discuss how to make these knowledge assets operate.

On linkedin I am reading a discussion on renewable energy. It is an amazing dialog. Many people from all over the world are participating. Links to data and research supporting different points of view are being shared. Knowledge is going from being stored to transferred.

What are we doing with transferred knowledge?

What actions will take place? What decisions will be made? Knowledge transfer for the sake of knowledge transfer doesn’t necessarily help an organization accomplish its strategic goals.

For knowledge flow to be powerful knowledge assets must be operational.

By operational I mean:

  • Solve a problem,
  • Assist a novice,
  • Give an answer,
  • Give advice, or
  • Bring a past experience to forefront.

At Discovery Machine we have a methodology involving 6 major steps that reveals knowledge framework and how to support flow. One of the steps is making the knowledge assets operate. We do not stop at creating a framework for knowledge, we create job aids that create a force for knowledge flow.

We have found four critical features for any operationalized knowledge asset to enable flow.

  1. Situational awareness: Problem solving must occur in the context of the current problem.
  2. Communication: Job aides must communicate with end users in a natural manner.
  3. Explanation: A job aide should be able to explain how it solves a problem or why it is giving a piece of advice.
  4. Adaptation: The job aid should adapt over time incorporating new experiences related to the knowledge framework.

Powerful knowledge flow enables an organization to accomplish its strategic goals through decisions and actions.

In my next blog, How to Deploy Knowledge Assets to Enable Knowledge Flow,  I will go into more detail on how Discovery Machine deploys knowledge assets. See 6 Steps to Boomerang Expertise for our full approach.

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