How to Deploy Knowledge Assets to Enable Knowledge Flow

February 7th, 2013 : By Anna Griffith :

Do your knowledge assets reach the right target?

In my previous blog, A Powerful Way to Make You Knowledge Flow, I discussed ways to make your knowledge assets operate. In this blog, I will discuss how to deploy a knowledge asset in the enterprise situation where it will be used.

Harvesting knowledge is discussed in this series, but harvesting is an academic exercise  if practitioners don’t have access to the knowledge asset during problem solving and decision making.

Deploy a knowledge asset in the enterprise situation where it will be used. If the knowledge is needed beside a machine on a manufacturing floor, then that is where the knowledge asset should go. If the knowledge is needed on a mobile device at a customer site, then that is where the knowledge asset should go.

Storing and searching on documents, tweets, email, blogs and data is very important.  But, helping with problem solving and decision making is a different category of knowledge transfer and knowledge flow.

Experienced practitioners have strategies for diagnosis, troubleshooting, planning, prediction, explanation, monitoring and assessment.  How practitioners execute their strategies and leverage knowledge during problem solving is critical to successful  knowledge flow.

When I ask, ” Do your knowledge assets reach the right target?”, I mean:

  • Does your team know the best problem solving strategies?
  • Does your team know how to bring to bear the right knowledge at the right time?
  • Are knowledge assets available where problem solving is happening?

But, wait, there is more.  The right deployment isn’t enough for knowledge flow.  The knowledge assets must also adapt and evolve over time and use.  I discuss this point and more in my next blog.

In my next blog, It’s Always Time to Adapt- It’s Critical to Knowledge Flow,  I will go into more detail on how Discovery Machine improves knowledge assets overtime. See 6 Steps to Boomerang Expertise for our full approach.

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